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Watch Antonio Brown abuse Joe Haden at training camp

When Joe Haden went one-on-one with Antonio Brown, the results were similar to Artie Burns’.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Many come all wanting the same thing — a piece of Antonio Brown — but few leave with anything more than a beat down.

No, not a physical fight, but a one-on-one matchup.

Brown doesn’t turn down a challenge. Whether it was going against High Schoolers during his tour leading up to training camp, or any random player who wants to step up to him while training in the Miami area.

Heck, even a random fan tried to sneak onto the practice field Saturday and wanted a piece of Brown...and Brown would have given it to him if he wasn’t escorted off campus.

Many try, yet very few succeed.

Throughout this 2018 Steelers Training Camp, Artie Burns has been the recipient of a physical beat down in one vs. ones when going against Brown. But this has been going on three years now. When these clips hit the internet, fans always say the same thing, “I want to see him go against Joe Haden!”

Ask and you shall receive.

Warning: What you are about to watch does not indicate the type of player Haden is, but what Brown does should be illegal in all 50 states.

For the fans who longed for the Brown vs. Haden matchup. There you go!

While Haden is the far more accomplished defender, Brown makes everyone he squares up with look foolish. So while some will watch the above clip and suggest the Steelers’ secondary is still horrible, let’s all remember Antonio Brown is the best wide receiver in the league — period.