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Young Steelers fan teases J.J. Watt by asking him to sign a T.J. Watt jersey

There was a time when J.J. Watt was the only Watt brother who counted in the NFL, but that was before T.J. joined the Steelers (sorry Derek).

Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

There can be little question that J.J. is the most famous of the three Watt brothers, but ever since T.J. entered the NFL, he’s had to share a bit more of the spotlight than he ever had to do with brother Derek when it comes to the family name.

Even on his home turf, J.J. is no longer the only Watt brother who counts to some fans and respect is clearly due to a young Pittsburgh Steelers fan who attended the Houston Texans training camp on Wednesday. Given the opportunity to get an autograph from the former NFL player of the year, the young man opted to have a little fun at J.J.’s expense when he offered him his youngest brother’s jersey to sign.

Shaking his head as signed the shirt, J.J. appears to be writing more than just his signature on the jersey, and it turns out he had included a notable observation for the young man.

In the world of unique sports memorabilia, a T.J. Watt jersey signed by J.J. Watt will probably have some real value in the years to come, especially if T.J. goes on to have a career like his brother. Although, if the young fan really just wants T.J.’s autograph on his jersey, it doesn’t look like it would be too difficult to change that J.J. signature in to a T.J. one with a cloth and some detergent.