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Packers RB believes a tackle by Vince Williams was ‘most definitely’ a dirty play

Green Bay running back Jamaal Williams considers a tackle by Vince Williams that injured his ankle on Thursday was “very unnecessary”

Divisional Round - Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Vince Williams arrived at training camp with a renewed sense of purpose this offseason, but it would appear that not everyone in the league is a fan of his efforts on game day. After facing Williams in Green Bay on Thursday night, one member of the Packers roster had some harsh words to say about the play of the Pittsburgh linebacker.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, running back Jamaal Williams accused his namesake on the Steelers’ roster of intentionally trying to hurt him during a play in the second quarter of the game. As reported by Ryan Wood of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, the Packers’ running back would describe a tackle by Williams as “most definitely” a dirty play, adding that it was “very unnecessary” to twist his ankle.

“He could’ve stopped and let go of my leg a long time before.”

While the running back would return to the huddle after the play and remain on the field for the next few snaps, he has missed time at practice since the game with an ankle injury as confirmed by the Packers on Friday.

Through five years in the league, no one has ever labelled Vince Williams as a dirty player as far as I am aware, and those of us who have seen every game he has played since arriving in the NFL would be hard pressed to think of a play that stood out as being dirty.

There can be little question that the Steelers’ linebacker is a physical, aggressive player, but always within the rules of the game. Acknowledging an obvious level of bias in his favor as a Pittsburgh fan, nothing in that tackle seems to suggest an intent to injure the player.

With the Steelers on a day off on Monday, the local media will have to wait until Tuesday until they can ask Williams for his response to the accusation. However, given the gif he posted without comment earlier in the day that has since been deleted, the Steelers’ linebacker doesn’t appear to take the claim too seriously.

For those wondering about the timestamp, that is U.K time.