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NFL Competition Committee decides to keep ‘Helmet Rule’ in place

The NFL had a chance to change the rule, but decided to keep it in place for the 2018 season.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are not the only team, or fan base, scratching their heads regarding the new NFL ‘Helmet Rule’. Throughout the first two weeks of the preseason, there have been more than enough instances where flags were thrown.

Some were justifiable, and others, like Coty Sensabaugh’s penalty vs. the Packers in Week 2, had fans and player infuriated.

And these games don’t even count.

The Competition Committee met Wednesday via conference call and had a chance to change the rule, or alter it, and decided to keep it as is.

Here is the official released from the NFL:

So, the league decided instant replay should not be used regarding an illegal hit infraction, but did add any inadvertent or incidental contact with the helmet and/or facemask is not a foul.

There is a strong chance the league is throwing a lot of flags in the preseason, in an attempt to curtail that style of hit, while they will be much more reserved in the regular season. Nonetheless, with the “inadvertent” and “incidental” verbiage used, how would two officials who see the same play, yet view it differently, decide on what should be called?

Buckle up folks, this rule isn’t going anywhere, and just wait until there is a flag at a critical moment in a big game dealing with this rule...there will be fireworks.