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Long before Vince Williams signed a multi-million-dollar contract with Steelers, he was the star of ‘Hallway linebacker’

He may be be a star linebacker in the NFL now, but Vince Williams was once the acting star of his own video in high school.

Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

After signing the third and most lucrative contract of his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday, Vince Williams has come a long way for a player selected in the sixth round of the NFL draft. But if football hadn’t worked out as it did for Williams, it’s not hard to imagine another career in which he might have excelled.

One of the more outgoing personalities on the team, the former Florida State product might have been equally suitable for a career in front of the camera. Williams gave a more than reasonable impression of WWE wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin when he arrived at training camp a few weeks ago, and it would appear that’s not the only acting role he ever has attempted to pull off over the years.

With the re-emergence of a video on YouTube that Williams probably believed had been forgotten, many fans recently had the chance to watch a relatively unknown film starring the team’s starting inside linebacker. For those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s your opportunity.

Appearing as “Vince Williams - Hallway linebacker,” his version of a series of popular Reebok TV commercials first shown in 2003 featuring “Terry Tate - Office linebacker,” Williams attempts to take on the role made famous by Lester Speight. Handing out his own version of football justice to rule-breakers around Ridge Community High School where he was a student in 2007 when the film was shot, Williams shows a lot of the character that has endeared him to Steelers Nation.

Financially, it was probably a good thing that playing football worked out for Williams in the end, as it’s doubtful anyone would have been willing to pay him $20 million for his acting talent based on his early work. But it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him working in the media side of football when his playing days are over.

For those who’ve never seen the original videos Williams was trying to replicate, they’re well worth watching.