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Six Steelers’ Slobberknockers: A half-dozen questions for BTSC fans to discuss on game day

The Pittsburgh Steelers are prepped and ready to play the Tennessee Titans. We have some big questions which need answered before kickoff.

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What the heck is a “slobberknocker?” In football terms, it’s s a hit that, well, knocks the slobber right out of the other player’s mouth. I’ll be posing six hard-hitting questions to BTSC fans every game-day morning during the 2018 preseason and regular season.

These questions won’t be the same old dull and droll questions rolled out every game day by the networks or cable channels. Let Terry Bradshaw or Kurt Warner bore the average NFL fan by asking questions about the windy conditions the quarterbacks will face — won’t happen here (we already know wind influences the trajectory of a football).

The questions will be directed towards the knowledgeable fans here at BTSC. Fans who are considered not to be average NFL fans or Pittsburgh Steelers fans — but a cut above.

Q1: What is the number one thing the defense can do today to restore your faith in them?

Q2: Does Joshua Dobbs have to shine or has his fate already been sealed?

Q3: Who are the three players on the roster bubble and what do they have to do to ensure they make the 53 man roster today? Or do you think that the roster is already set?

Q4: What does Jon Bostic have to show today to get you to believe he will not be a liability in 2018?

Q5: Who is the player you will be focussing more attention on today over other players?

Q6: What is your prediction for either the number of series or the number of quarters each quarterback will play?

Steelers fans will be glued to their TV from kickoff until the final whistle, scrutinizing everyone from starters to camp-fodder players. While fans don’t put a great amount of stock in preseason games, they still want to see how players perform compared to the chatter coming out of training camp. Hopefully, the players we see early in the game at Heinz Field will showcase the talent which made them Pittsburgh Steelers in the first place.

Will these players live up to their offseason hype, or will they flounder under the bright lights of the NFL? Only time will tell.


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