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Watch Ryan Shazier walk unassisted across the field at the Steelers’ Friday night practice

Ryan Shazier continues to impress.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers, as an organization, have done right by Ryan Shazier. They gave him his 5th year option up front this offseason, and have kept him in the fold in every way possible. Shazier has attended meetings, was a part of the scouting department and has been a regular at training camp.

Throughout this time, Shazier has continued to improve.

During scouting workouts, Shazier was moving around while in a wheelchair. Then came the NFL Draft when he walked assisted to announce the team’s top draft pick of Terrell Edmunds. Lastly, he has been using a cane to get around better than he ever has since his injury in December last year.

On Friday night, with the Steelers participating in their annual Friday Night Lights practice at Latrobe High School, Shazier hit another milestone in his rehabilitation.

He walked across the width of the football field unassisted.

No cane.

No walker.


Check it out:

This does more than just put a smile on Steelers fans’ faces, it gives them hope Shazier will eventually life a full, and typical, life.

In the meantime, everyone reading this has to continue to SHALIEVE!!