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Mike Tomlin baffled with NFL not reversing fumble on Browns’ punt return

The call not being overturned certainly turned the tide in the Week 1 contest.

In the aftermath of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ weird tie with the Cleveland Browns in Week 1, many who know me personally, and some who don’t on social media, have asked my thoughts on the game.

It was disappointing, but one play stood out to me regarding a situation which turned the tide in the game.

After the Steelers’ scored their third touchdown to take a 21-7 lead, the defense forced a punt on the ensuing drive. The punt ‘appeared’ to glance off rookie running back Nick Chubb’s face mask and was recovered by safety Sean Davis.

It was a huge play, but the ruling on the field was Davis simply downed the football, not recovered a fumble. Mike Tomlin challenged the call, but it was not overturned, rather upheld.

During his weekly Tuesday press conference, Tomlin was asked about what happened on the play, and an explanation which might have followed by the league office.

He suggested he had no idea why the play was upheld, and not overturned.

To add onto this, Tomlin spoke about how the league office made it a point to say a Myles Garrett roughing the passer call should not have occurred, but hasn’t said a word regarding what looked to be a botched call.

Calls are missed every game, but the purpose of replay is to correct mistakes like that one. To make sure the call is correct.

Needless to say, if the Steelers would have been granted the football, there is a strong chance they are 1-0, and not 0-0-1, heading into Week 2. The Browns didn’t score on their next drive, but it was after this call when the Browns clawed their way back into the game via back-to-back turnovers by the Steelers.

An unfortunate turn of events, but also befuddling how the league hasn’t mentioned it since the game ended on Sunday.