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Le’Veon Bell enjoys playing in the water while the Steelers drown in mediocrity

If Le’Veon Bell is trying to preserve his body by staying away from the football field, he might want to rethink the jet skiing

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

While very few of the people associated with the Pittsburgh Steelers enjoyed Week 2 of the NFL season, there was at least one member of the team who appeared to have had a good weekend. Proving that his talents are not just limited to dry land, Le’Veon Bell took to the water for a day of fun on a jet ski, presumably an innovative way for the star running back to prepare himself for his return to the football field.

After spending the day on a yacht, Bell decided to take a jet ski out for a spin. A video published by TMZ Sports catching all the action.

“You already know what it is man, we out here coolin’ on the jet skis.”

Accompanied by a somewhat confused friend, Bell’s buddy seems to be under the impression that it is the Steelers who are holding out on him and the running back was in no hurry to correct him.

“Give my man his [expletive] money,” to which a smiling Bell replies, “You already know! You already know!”

Warning: This video contains profanity

Considering Bell is staying away from the Steelers in an effort to preserve his body for the big pay day he is expecting from his new team in 2019, he might want to reconsider his choice of recreational activities. The risks of injury from jet skiing are relatively high, especially for inexperienced riders and it would be a crying shame if he jeopardized any potential future earnings by having an avoidable accident doing something stupid.

Thankfully, Bell was back on safer ground and in more familiar territory on Monday night when he was seen hitting the clubs in Miami once again. A special evening to celebrate the release of his latest EP.

However, given how chunky Bell was looking laid out on the yacht earlier in the day, he might want to do less sitting at the club and more dancing. It is a good aerobic activity after all, great for strengthening legs muscles and burning off those excess pounds that can accumulate when you might have missed a workout or two.