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Mike Tomlin confirms Antonio Brown’s absence on Monday, will address situation privately

Coach Tomlin confirms Antonio Brown was not present at team meetings on Monday.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers head Coach Mike Tomlin confirmed in his press conference Tuesday that Antonio Brown was not at the Steelers’ facility on Monday for team meetings and film study. He followed up by saying he was looking forward meeting with Brown today.

Whether or not the absence was excused, or unexcused, Tomlin would not say. When asked about Brown and social media, he said he will be addressing it directly, but privately.

As for the meeting about Monday’s absence, Coach Tomlin said he may or may not provide details of that meeting which is yet to come. When asked if Brown has asked to be traded, he answered with a laugh, “No.”

When asked about player/coach confrontations on the sidelines, Tomlin chalked it up to where tempers will flare when both players and coaches are passionate about wanting to win. He said these issues first need to be dealt with between those players and coaches.

To finish up the press conference, Coach Tomlin was asked about the team’s performance and inner turmoil being a concern as it comes to the passionate fans that make up Steelers’ Nation.

“We are two weeks in. We don’t have a large body of work... I’m not ready to paint with a broad brush.”

Coach Tomlin continued, “I’m sensitive to our fans. Steeler Nation is our driving force in terms of how we approach and pursue victory.”

To see the entire press conference, check out the video below: