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Is Landry Jones really gone? Or is this nothing more than smoke and mirrors?

One BTSC writer wonders if a former Steeler QB is really just that. Or maybe we have all been hoodwinked by the role of the dice.

Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

There was a huge celebration with many members of Steeler Nation when the news hit the wire of Steelers backup quarterback Landry Jones failing to make the 53-Man roster. From Charleroi to Shamokin, and all points in between, fans reveled in the career demise of a 29-year old New Mexican (with the pleasant demeanor of a labradoodle) as if an oppressive dictator was brought down in a coup with a boom box and the best of Megadeth on cassette.

Meanwhile on my couch, I smelled something funny. True my dog had just gotten into the garbage and polished off three-day old Chinese cuisine, but something made my Spidey senses tingle like like Pop Rocks massage oil in the nether regions.

Could this all be a ruse?

Now, it’s true that I love a good conspiracy theory from fake news to magic bullets to aliens among us to Paul McCartney being dead and Elvis never dying...I have no problem pondering any explanation that makes references to hidden, malevolent forces seeking to advance some nefarious aim. But my own idiotic black-and-gold mind has me inclined to think No. 3 will be backing up Ben Roethlisberger in Week One.

Now, I’m not denying Joshua Dobbs or Mason Rudolph could be the heir apparent to Big Ben. I’m not suggesting their talent and higher ceiling doesn’t measure higher than that of Mr. Jones. But what I can’t quite come to grips with is that the Rooney Family, Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin actually were willing to roll the dice with passers who have zero combined pass attempts in regular season action should their franchise quarterback succumb to injury.

I read all of your comments that if No. 7 goes down, the season is over.

Truthfully some of you may crumble into the fetal position when faced with adversity, but NFL front offices and coaching staffs usually refrain from that very practice. There was a thought Landry would be kept around for that exact scenario. Since he’s been cut, the decision flies in the face of the typical Steeler thought process.

Here’s my thinking.

The Steelers wanted to keep Jones all along, and were willing to part ways with Dobbs, but not without proper compensation. Other teams had designs on the rocket scientist as well, but knew he would become available and the Steelers wouldn’t keep four QBs like they did in 1995. (I know they did so in 2010, but Ben was suspended. That was different.) They gambled on getting Dobbs for free.

I also think they may have gambled in exposing the Oklahoma product. But maybe they let him in on the scheme beforehand. If this whole scenario I’m imagining did occur, they would receive higher return than losing a player they spent a fourth rounder on just a year ago. Dobbs, for sure, would have never been allowed by other organizations to join the Pittsburgh Practice Squad.

Look, I’m cool with the move in keeping the players they decided to keep. I would respect the scam I’m accusing them of perpetrating. Maybe all of this is an excuse to quote Billy Joel. “You may be right. I may be crazy. It just might be a lunatic you’re looking for” may just describe my irrational rationale.

But then again, it can happen.

And we all know that I’ll never let any of us forget it.