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Antonio Brown speaks his truth: ‘I’m pissed off, we’re losing, we suck’

The Steelers troubled wide receiver spoke to the media on Thursday and he did not hold back about his feelings

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

After a troubling 48 hours that saw Antonio Brown arguing with offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner on Sunday, followed by a no-show at practice on Monday, the Pittsburgh Steelers star receiver was reportedly disciplined for his actions by Mike Tomlin. While the Steelers’ coach would not say what transpired between him and his player, Tomlin did suggest Brown might be more forthcoming when he addressed the media on Thursday.

In front of an army of reporters waiting for him, No.84 did not disappoint.

Clearly angered by the team’s poor start to the season, Brown’s unhappiness seemed to be as much about Pittsburgh’s performance on game day as it was about the way he believes the press have mischaracterized his actions.

Despite a turbulent few weeks with the media that saw him have a run in with Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and threaten an ESPN writer on social media who wrote an unflattering piece about him, Brown was keen to point out that he hadn't run away from reporters after the team’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

As to his absence on Monday, that was apparently for personal reason and something he had already told Tomlin about beforehand, even if the Steelers’ coach had not mention that himself. Likewise, the trade talk was equally a non-story, a flippant remark on Twitter that he did at least acknowledge was inappropriate.

If there was any real discipline from Tomlin, it does not appear that it will involve playing time either.

And if he is still carrying an injury, he doesn't think anyone cares enough to hear about it.

A win on Monday could draw a line under this latest drama, but should Pittsburgh fall to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 3, it is anyone’s guess as to how Brown will react. While no one can question his passion and desire to win, as a team leader, he needs to be setting a better example.

Brown is not the only one on the roster unhappy about the way the season has begun or their role on game day, but no one else is acting out like him either. With Le’Veon Bell creating more than enough headlines of his own, the last thing this franchise needs is another distraction.

To his credit, this does not seem to be entirely lost on Brown, even if the realization was somewhat delayed in coming. However, it remains to be seen if he really has learned anything from all this.