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With the Steelers’ season upon us, time to review the Community Guidelines

The Steelers start the regular season this week, and it is time to take a look at the Community Guidelines so everyone can play nice in the comment section this season.

NFL: NFL Draft Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With the start of the Pittsburgh Steelers season less than a week away, the return of dormant members (wake up sleepy heads) and the occasional “long time reader first time poster”, we here at BTSC felt iwas necessary to take a look at those pesky guidelines which myself, along with fellow moderators Mike Frazier, Nick Martin, 58Steel, PaVaSteeler and last but certainly not least SNW, will try and uphold.

Thanks to the community for not making this a bad gig. I appreciate the effort some have made in the approach they take when commenting. I’m sure we all will be tested by the fine members of this great site as the season progresses, and I may need a tap to the melon from time to time myself, depending on the amount of missed tackles that take place during the year, but let’s be respectful, considerate and remember to proof read before hitting send.


R.C. Iddings
Community Manager


Welcome to SB Nation! Since 2005, we have been a network of team-specific sports communities where fans gather to discuss the ins-and-outs of their favorite teams. Our 300+ blogs cover their teams with the passion of their fan bases at the forefront, and our communities are the best places on the Internet to live out your fandom each day.

We strive to make our communities open and inclusive to sports fans of all backgrounds. The following is not permitted in comments, FanPosts, usernames or anywhere else in an SB Nation community. Please keep in mind that some SB Nation communities may have rules that may be more strict (i.e. no swearing at all) than those outlined below, but the following apply to all sites on the network.

1. Comments, FanPosts or usernames that are intolerant or prejudiced (sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-religion, etc.) in nature.

2. Personal attacks or threats on community members.

3. Gendered insults of any kind in comments, FanPosts or usernames.

4. Posting or creating FanPosts for the sole purpose of trolling or disrupting the community is not permitted. Posts made for such purposes are subject to deletion without notice. Creating multiple user names for this purpose is not permitted. Persons creating such user names will have those names banned and/or deleted without notice.

5. Offensive imagery of any kind is not allowed, including violent, explicit and demeaning imagery.

6. Comments, FanPosts or usernames that make light of serious crime of any kind; specifically domestic violence, DUI, sexual assault.

7. Comments, FanPosts or usernames that make light of any physical, mental, behavioral or psychological disorder.

8. Excessive profanity is not permitted. Different SB Nation sites have different guidelines regarding profanity -- i.e., some do not allow it at all -- but across all of our communities, please keep use of profanity within reason.

9. Posts created for the sole purpose of advertising or other commercial purposes will be deleted without notice.

10. The sharing of illegal game streams is not allowed. Legal streams (via NBC Sports, WatchESPN, etc.) can be shared freely, but links to or requests for illegal, pirated streams are not allowed.

11. The “first post” rule: if you break any of the above guidelines in your first post at the site, it likely means that you are creating an account just to disrupt the community, and that won’t be tolerated. We will ban your account, and you can reach out to us via email if you believe there was a misunderstanding.

Thanks for being a member of our community.