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Steelers vs. Ravens, Week 4: Bold and Bizarre Predictions for Sunday Night Football

BTSC’s Nostradumbass predicts the Steelers’ contest on SNF with a familiar foe.

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Steelers finally won their initial contest of the 2018 season last week, but the defense nearly surrendered a 20-point lead and the game. Steelers Nation is led to wonder whether the take of two halves will carry over into a crucial rivalry matchup with the Ravens.

With this storyline and more, I’ve compiled a list of predictions (some basic, and some utterly idiotic) to look for in the Week-4 contest:

  • The NBC pregame is rife with vignettes of Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger celebrating how awesome Terrell Suggs is. In turn, footage is shown of T-Sizzle yelling uncontrollably and babbling incoherently.
  • James Conner has his best game since Week 1 with a performance of 140 total yards from scrimmage.
  • Meanwhile Le’Veon Bell jet skis the confluence of the Three Rivers and debuts his latest rap single, “The Real Renegade” at Stage AE.
  • With today being exactly ten years to the day after the infamous “bounty game”, Suggs promises money to any of his teammates who blindside a server at Hines Ward’s Tavern 86.
  • In homage to the infamous Kris Brown (not the sadistic hip-hop artist), a Merry Chris-Miss sign is seen in Heinz Field. Chris Boswell doesn’t justify the fan art with a perfect night kicking.
  • However the mention of berries or anything Jordan (whether it be Michael, the country or almonds) gets booed at Heinz Field.
  • James Harrison shows up outside of section 119 to the Pittsburgh Pierogie House and suggests to the manager that they “fake it” with his mock Pierogie recipe.
  • In a rebound of last week’s open door policy, Alejandro Villanueva locks down his quarterback’s blind side allowing Ben Roethlisberger to throw for 350-plus.
  • JuJu Smith-Schuster, on the 40th anniversary of Edgar Bergen’s death in 1978, does a TD celebration in tribute to the famed ventriloquist complete with his new friend JuJu Junior.
  • Although I sincerely hope I’m wrong, Flacco gets the ball after the 2-minute warning and gets them close enough for Justin Tucker to hit from 54.
  • Final score: Ravens 29 - Steelers 26.


Will any of this actually happen? I’ll bet at least one or two. Heck, maybe every one of them. Be sure to post your predictions — basic or bizarre — below.