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Report: Steelers create over $5M in salary cap space by restructuring contract of Cam Heyward

In something of a surprise move, the Steelers have reportedly created an extra $5.39 million in cap space by restructuring the contract of defensive tackle Cameron Heyward

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

At the last count, the Pittsburgh Steelers had over $6.5 million in salary cap space available, but it appears that number will now be closer to $12 million as of Tuesday, if a report from Field Yates of ESPN is to be believed.

According to Yates, the Steelers have opted to restructure the contract of defensive tackle Cameron Heyward, a move that has created an extra $5.39 million in cap space

Given the team normally likes to carry a cap surplus of around $3.5 million into a typical season, it has to be assumed that this decision has been made with the intention of extending the contract of an existing player on the roster or signing another free agent.

Original set to have a cap hit of $12,465,250 in 2018, Heyward will now only cost the team $7,066,250 against the cap this year, but will have seen his cap charge increase by $2.695 million in each of the two remaining years of his deal. He will now cost the Steelers $14,901,250 against the cap in 2019 and $13,251,250 in 2020.

As always, it is important to note that a restructure is not a reduction in salary for the player concerned, rather a change to the way his salary is paid. The player still earns exactly the same amount he was originally set to receive and the move is merely a financial procedure that defers a debt into future seasons for accounting purposes.

Prior to this restructure, Pittsburgh was $6,774,847 under the cap according to the NFLPA public salary cap report as of Tuesday morning, a figure that will now have risen to $12,164,847.