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Ramon Foster debuts his 2018 Photoshop skills by poking fun at Le’Veon Bell

Leave it to the veteran offensive guard to make light of the Le’Veon Bell absence.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The fact Le’Veon Bell is currently not with the Pittsburgh Steelers has more fans irate than those laughing, but you can always depend on Ramon Foster to lighten the mood via social media.

Foster unleashed his Photoshop skills for the first time this season, and the target was none other than the All-Pro Pittsburgh running back.

When everyone wants to know where Le’Veon Bell is, Foster decided to show a little “Where’s Waldo?” imagery.

This is funny in its own right, but this isn’t the first time Foster has poked fun at teammates for various reasons.

Take a look at some of Foster’s ‘Greatest Hits’:

When David DeCastro signed his new contract.

When Le’Veon Bell and Alejandro Villanueva wanted new contracts.

When Villanueva and Antonio Brown got paid.

When Antonio Brown, Alejandro Villanueva and Mike Tomlin got paid.

When Antonio Brown, Alejandro Villanueva, Mike Tomlin and Joe Haden all got paid.

When Antonio Brown, Alejandro Villanueva, Mike Tomlin, Joe Haden and Kevin Colbert all got paid.

I’m sorry but I still laugh out loud looking at all of these, and seeing the ‘Crying Jordan’ over Le’Veon Bell’s face. The current situation of Le’Veon Bell aside, Foster knows how to make light of any news.