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NFL Picks and Predictions: Picking the full Week 1 slate against the spread

We make our picks against the spread and the game totals for each remaining game on the NFL schedule in Week 1

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to betting on the NFL, Week 1 of a season offers some unique value. With no real form to go on, the oddsmakers often struggle to come up with an appropriate lines for the opening games and not every home favorites is well priced for their matchup.

However, with only preseason performances to base their decisions on, life is not exactly easy for those making the bets either, and in many ways, Week 1 can be something of a hit or miss affair. Adding to the confusion this week and every week throughout the season, we will be making our own predictions for each game against the spread and versus the totals.

Using the consuses Las Vegas odds from as per Friday night, editor Jeff Hartman and myself will be taking on the bookies with our weekly selections and the loser of the battle between us will be submitting to some sort of forfeit at the end of the year. (Note: Jeff knows nothing about this last part, the idea just came to me as I was writing this, but I’m sure he can be persuaded to get on board.)

We encourage you to play along with us throughout the season and to add your picks in the comments section below each week. Any suggestions about what the forfeit could be are also welcome, but nothing too hazardous or extreme please. While Jeff is quite likely to lose this head-to-head battle, I don’t want to see him suffer too much.

Our picks for Week 1, where unsurprisingly we both pick the Pittsburgh Steelers to cover the spread against the Cleveland Browns with the game going under: