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Antonio Brown claims he will address ‘all the negative speculations about my character’ soon ‘so stay by the phone’

The Steelers star receiver made a brief appearance on Instagram on Friday to claim the suggestion of a press conference with James Harrison was simply a joke.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Oakland Raiders Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought the next time you saw Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown it would be smoking a fat cigar and sitting next to former Cincinnati Bengals wideout Chad Johnson, then you guessed correctly.

In a rare appearance since teasing a sit down interview with James Harrison on social media last week, Brown was back on his favorite social media platform once again on Friday promoting another upcoming broadcast - one that he claimed would address “all the negative speculations about my character.”

“[The press conference with James Harrison] was all a joke, when I was over there chilling with him. It’s all a joke man just for positivity. But on a serious note, I’m going to address some stuff at a later date, some deeper details, all positivity, all encouraging. So that’s what it’s all about. My actions will speak louder than my words. My actions speak ever louder than anything I could ever say. So stay by the phone.”

In another segment of his Instagram live video captured by TMZ, Brown maintained his love of the game, regardless of any perceptions about his age.

“For all the negative speculations about my character, I’ll be addressing it soon. I’ll be sure to tap in with you guys, but it’s all positive. I’m 31, I’m still excited to play, I’m here with one of my mentors, one of my brothers.”

“Right now man, I’m just embracing the New Year, the start of something fresh. That’s all I can really give you all right now. But yes I’m 31 and still excited to play the game. I’m motivated, inspired, encouraged. Stay by the phone, my phone lines open.”

What all this means for his future is anyone’s guess, but given the remarks of Art Rooney II on Thursday, the answer to that may have little to do with what Brown says anymore. While there is every chance that sitting down with Steelers management could clear the air, it is doubtful the front office will pay much attention to his posts on social media, regardless of the “deeper details” he shares in the coming weeks.

The possibility of a trade still hangs in the air and it would appear that might not necessarily be something Brown is opposed to either.