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A Message to BTSC from the Community Manager

A reminder of expectations for BTSC users.

Divisional Round - Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

Hello BTSC Community! My name is Dave Schofield and I am the new Community Manager for Behind The Steel Curtain. What this role entails is monitoring the website to make sure members are maintaining the standards set forth by SB Nation.

First off, I have to honestly say that BTSC is the best online community of Steelers fans I have ever come across. The knowledge shared in many of the comments of numerous articles is quite impressive. I have personally seen discussions between multi-generational users from across the globe. Steelers Nation truly covers both the country and the world.

I want to take this opportunity to remind BTSC members of the expectations for using this site. I know we are a passionate fan base, and even though we don’t always agree, our love for the Steelers is a strong bond we all share. I know our frustrations can sometimes come out in a negative way as we interact within posts, especially after the disappointment of the 2018 season. I would just like to remind everyone the most important thing we can all have for each other is mutual respect. Whether it is personnel, coaching staff, play calls, or on-field performance, we can all share our opinions while maintaining both courtesy and respect for everyone.

When it comes to monitoring the website, every user is, in essence, a moderator. There is a team of official moderators, along with myself, who are responsible for determining if action needs to be taken for inappropriate content. The reason every user is also a moderator is because many times it is based on your feedback which lets us know if we should review a comment. Simply by using the flag button at the end of each comment, users are notifying the site moderators of possible inappropriate conduct. Please continue to use this feature in order to help us build a better community!

When it comes to action for inappropriate behavior, there are several possibilities of what can be done. First of all, just a simple reminder message could be sent to the user just to let them know they may be pushing the limits. Users could also be given an official warning, or if the infraction is bad enough, they could be banned from the site for a specified amount of time. Repeat offenses will definitely be a deciding factor in the action taken.

When it comes to determining the level of appropriate behavior on the site, it is a general rule to keep everything PG-13 at most. Naturally, any racist, sexist, profane, or explicit behavior is prohibited, as well as general internet trolling. It is my wish for this site to be somewhere my 12 and 13-year-old nephews can come and enjoy reading Steelers articles without their parents having to be concerned about inappropriate things posted in the comments. By keeping our site to these standards, we are able to help grow the next generation of Steelers Nation.

If a user ever has a concern or a general question about community activity, please feel free to email me at Thank you all for being part of the best community for the best team in sports!