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Although favorites with the bookmakers to trade for Antonio Brown, Julio Jones doesn’t believe Falcons need him - ‘We’re good over here’

While the bookmakers may think Antonio Brown will be in Atlanta at the start of the 2019 season, his potential teammate Julio Jones appears less keen.

Dallas Cowboys v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In the world of sports betting there is a market for everything, and it should come as no surprise to learn that one of the latest markets available for the Pittsburgh Steelers involves where Antonio Brown will be playing football next season.

Before Art Rooney II spoke to the media on Thursday, the Steelers were heavy favorites with any sportsbooks offering the wager, but since then the market has taken a notable turn. At odds of 4/1 (+400), currently has the Atlanta Falcons listed as the favorites to be the team Brown is on come September 1, with Pittsburgh now behind five other teams as joint third favorites at 7/1 (+700),

However, if Atlanta really does end up being Brown’s ultimate destination in 2019, he should be wary of the reception he might get from his future teammate and fellow wide receiver Julio Jones. When caught by the cameras of TMZ on Friday, Jones seemed far from enthused about the prospect of having AB join him on the Falcons roster.

Ask if he would like to see Brown in Atlanta, Jones responded.

“Nah man, we tight over here, we’re good over here.”

Given how little AB appears to have enjoyed sharing the limelight with JuJu Smith-Schuster this season, it is hard to imagine he would be too excited about fighting for the attention of Matt Ryan with Jones on the other side either. From a financial perspective, it is also difficult to believe Atlanta would be willing to invest so much money into one position group given how much Jones is set to cost them in 2019.

For those consider a wager on his future, it is still hard to ignore Pittsburgh, especially at odds of +700 considering they were -500 only a few day ago. While the San Francisco 49ers are also attractive at the same odds in light of Brown’s apparent interest in them on social media as of late.