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Podcast: What should the Pittsburgh Steelers do with Antonio Brown?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have quite the dilemma on their hands with Antonio Brown...

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have a huge issue on their hands, and it has to do with one of their most talented players — Antonio Brown.

While everyone reading this certainly knows the timeline of the incidents which have taken place since the week leading up to the regular season finale vs. the Cincinnati Bengals, how the Steelers respond will be the ultimate decision to make.

Brown reportedly wants to be traded, and those rumors have been countered at this point, but would the Steelers even entertain shipping away the best wide receiver in the NFL? There is a lot of options for the Steelers, but only a few of them are actually viable.

This is where you have to differentiate between what the organization can do, and what the fan base thinks they should do.

It is a fine line, but the Steelers are a better team with Brown — period. On top of that, the financial salary cap hit which would take place, combined with the lack of return in a trade, is likely enough to make the Steelers keep Brown, regardless of what he desires.

But what should the Steelers do with Brown? If they are going to keep him, the incessant drama can’t continue. What exactly does Brown want/expect from the offense, Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Tomlin and the Steelers organization? These are questions we might not ever get answers to, but it was the crux of the new podcast ‘Steelers Burning Question’ which debuted last night on our YouTube channel.

Check out the show below, and be sure to comment what you think the Steelers should do with Brown in the comment section below!

If you missed the live show, be sure to check out the YouTube clip here:

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