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The Chiefs’ Super Bowl drought should give Steelers fans some perspective, right?

The Steelers haven’t been back to the Super Bowl since January of 2011. The Chiefs haven’t been back to the Super Bowl since January of 1970. Which fan base has suffered more? The Chiefs, right? Right?

Divisional Round - Indianapolis Colts v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

You’re a frustrated Steelers fan, and I feel you. After all, it’s been nearly a decade since Pittsburgh has appeared in a Super Bowl—just under eight years, in fact. Barack Obama was still in his first term as President of the United Stated (“OMG! You’re bringing up a president who was the president at the time he was president! You’re going to divide your readers!!!!!”).

The end of the 2018 regular season didn’t do much to end that long, long drought—not unless we all took some sort of hallucinogenic drug mere seconds before we thought we saw Xavier Grimble turn a sure touchdown into a touchback in Denver way back on November 25 (“OMG! You’re talking about drugs! How am I going to explain this article to my kids?”).

Anyway, once the Steelers were eliminated from playoff contention on December 30 (oh, who am I kidding? Way before that), you may have changed your online persona to “FireTomlin!” or something like that. I do know that every Steelers-related post on either their official Facebook page or BTSC’s official Facebook page has been met with “Yeah, but did they fire the coach?” type comments.

Headline example: “The Steelers know who they will be playing in 2019”

Comment example: “This team is going nowhere with Mike Tomlin!”

Headline example: “Steelers donate to charitable cause”

Comment example: “This team is going nowhere with Mike Tomlin!”

I feel you, I really do. After all, the Steelers have wasted the latter years of Ben Roethlisberger’s career. Yeah, sure, they’ve made three Super Bowls and won two of them since rolling the dice and drafting a franchise quarterback, but that was way back when, in the before time.

What about now?

Need some help in dealing with this Super Bowl drought? Perhaps you need some perspective.

How about the Chiefs Super Bowl drought, one that could end on Sunday, if they take care of New England in the AFC Championship game?

You know who was president the last time Kansas City appeared in a Super Bowl? Richard Nixon (“OMG! Another president who was president when he was president!”). The actual date was January 11, 1970—Super Bowl IV against the Vikings, a game that took place years before Watergate became a reality (“OMG! I read sports to escape!”). In case you need some more perspective, this was mere months after the United States landed men on the moon for the very first time (“OMG! Walt Disney orchestrated that entire hoax!!!!!!!!!”).

To give you even more perspective, January 11, 1970 was two-and-a-half years before I was even born, and I’m getting up there in age (“OMG! I’m over 50! I don’t need to hear about some punk who is only 46 years and eight months old! This site has totally gone downhill!”).

You just know there were fans back then who, shortly after the Chiefs knocked off the Vikings, 23-7, to win their first championship, probably said, “Yeah, I truly think the Chiefs have more talent than any team in football, and I look for them to win several more Super Bowls over the next decade or so.”

If those people only knew.........

But the Chiefs have a chance to end that drought. They have a chance to end the suffering of thousands of their faithful, many of whom were probably cheering them on that day back on January 11, 1970 and have been cheering ever since, just waiting for the day when they’ll get to see their favorite football team play on the game’s grandest stage once again.

OK, so now that you have gained some healthy perspective, you will appreciate what the Steelers were able to do in the fairly-recent past, right?

LMAO! Just kidding.