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Pittsburgh Steelers Fact or Fiction: 2019 Offseason Edition

BTSC examines whether statements regarding the Pittsburgh Steelers are fact or fiction.

Wild Card Round - Miami Dolphins v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

With the noise coming out of the Steel City louder than ever since season’s end, everybody has an opinion about the most talked-about NFL team not to make the playoffs. But what is to be believed? BTSC takes five bold statements regarding the Pittsburgh Steelers and shares their thoughts and opinions whether or not they’re fact or fiction.

Mike Tomlin will resist hiring a coach to preside over replays and clock management


Art II Is offering assistance to Tomlin for what is perceived to be his biggest weakness. Most coaches would let pride get in the way and say “Thanks, but no thanks”. But when the fan base is calling for your head, you follow the owner’s suggestion. Tomlin is smart and realizes that other teams have that exact position, so delegation is not a bad thing. Coach T will take the lifeline.

Teams will target both Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell to join them in 2019


Teams with tons of cap room and not intimately familiar with the divisiveness and less-than-selfless demeanors that accompany the mega talent that this pairing promises to offer, it may be a tough task to actually execute. I would think that the Steelers would hesitate to deal AB to an AFC team that could afford this like the New York Jets. Plus teams that could afford it have found solutions to their RB dilemma like the Browns have with Nick Chubb and the Colts have with Marlon Mack. The pairing could happen. It is unlikely, but franchises will consider it.

The upcoming season will be Keith Butler’s last in Pittsburgh


After the terrible collapse of the defense again in 2018, many a scalp in Steeler Nation has been scratched raw on why Butler remains at the Defensive Coordinator position. The best guess is that Butler’s contract runs out after next season and that they’d rather audition a possible successor like Teryl Austin than fire Butler outright. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the logic here. But all signs point to the end of the road for Butler after 2019.

The loss of Mike Munchak to Denver will be devastating to the Offensive Line


Steeler Nation was elated when news broke that Vic Fangio won the Bronco’s job over Steeler OL coach Mike Munchak. However, Munch left in a lateral move to Denver a few days later, causing Steeler Nation to “the Sky is falling” mode. However, enter Shaun Sarrett who has been working with Munchak since 2014 and the team since 2012. Sarrett’s resumé may be unknown to Steeler fans, but to those in the know...the feeling is that the excellence of a line featuring three Pro Bowlers will continue under Sarrett. Gravity remains.

The Steelers will welcome Ramon Foster back in 2019


Previously, I was certain that the Steelers would let “The Big Ragu” walk after his contract ran out. But after coming off of another solid season, with Marcus Gilbert’s injury woes continuing and Mike Munchak’s departure...It looks like No. 73 could return at a team friendly deal to help continue to be a vital link on a strong chain.


How accurate will our opinions prove to be? To copy the sentiment of Antonio Brown...We will find out soon.