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Getting the low down on Bill Cowher’s secret Super Bowl recipe

Nobody can cook up Super Bowl success quite like Bill Cowher, and now he’s taking his secret recipe nationwide!

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Are you starving, starving for the Super Bowl? Do you miss the days of old and hearty, homemade success?

Chef Bill Cowher does, and he’s back and ready to satisfy your appetite—and this time, he’s expanding his horizons.

That’s right, Chef Cowher is ready to share his secret Super Bowl recipe with the entire world.

Chef Cowher spent many years back at his childhood home in Crafton, Pa., perfecting the recipe for Super Bowl success. From those humble beginnings, and through blood, sweat and many tireless nights in his kitchen, Chef Cowher was able to discover all the right ingredients—just a pinch of his, a touch of that, a dash of this and a spoonful of this and that—for the tastiest Super Bowl recipes this side of Green Bay. And in 2005, and again, in 2008, Cowher was voted Chef of the Year by Pittsburghers who could appreciate fine football cuisine.

After many years enjoying success at the local level—and after many more years keeping his Super Bowl recipe a secret (not even Mama Cowher knows all the right ingredients)—Chef Cowher is ready to take his legendary and tasty dishes nationwide—including championship success so mouth-watering, you’ll keep coming back for more!

We’re talking fine-line linebackers. Delicious defense. Spittle-worthy safeties. Relentless Greg pass-rushers. Deep-fried franchise quarterbacks. Tasty tackles. So many incredible dishes, you’ll never go home without feeling like you just won a Super Bowl (or two).

Nope, nobody can cook up Super Bowl success quite like Chef Cowher. Creamy cornerbacks. Delectable dime linebackers. Rich receivers. Gooey guards.

Do you have a hankering? How’s that appetite? Ready to stop by Cowher’s Players? Ready to try all those delicious dishes?

But wait, there’s more!

Trying to cook a Super Bowl dinner while on a Stanley Cup budget? Do you have a Lombardi appetite in SEC country? Chef Cowher wants to bring his secret recipe into your home with his new cookbook, “Nobody Can Cook Up Championship Success Quite Like Chef Cowher.

That’s right, with Chef Cowher’s new cookbook, you’ll be able to create championship success in your very own kitchen, success so good, people will keep coming back for seconds, thirds.....maybe even sevenths.

That’s right, Chef Cowher has so many exciting things planned for you, and he can’t wait to wake up your taste buds as only he can.

Soon, Cowher’s Players will be open in 31 new locations, nationwide.

Stop on by and satisfy that Super Bowl appetite. You gonna love it. I GAR ON TEE!