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2019 NFL Draft Prospects: LSU CB Greedy Williams is a double-edged sword

Once thought of as the top CB prospect, Williams has big flaws in his game.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Louisiana State John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

With Byron Murphy starting to gain traction among most pundits as CB1, Greedy Williams is left in a position where his draft stock is falling. After a fantastic Freshman season, Williams struggled in his red shirt sophomore year and was burnt far too often for a CB who is touted as being the next big thing. In fact, his fellow CB on the other side, Kristian Fulton, was arguably better than him. That doesn’t bode well for him, but it is not all bad, those traits that he showed were still there this past season. Thus, if we are talking value, he is still worth a long, long stare.


Ht: 6’2”

Wt: 182 lbs

Expected 40: 4.42

Data courtesy of

Film Room

The real plus area for Greedy is his fluidity and length that allow him to really man guys up and thus win the leverage and use his plus ball skills to perhaps create turnovers. For example, he may not use his length to press, but instead he just lets his hips take him wherever he needs to go, and that is smart coverage tactics right there, and speaks volumes of his football IQ.

Greedy is going up against a really good WR in Riley Ridley here, and uses his hips to stay with him. While Ridley tries to get outside and then stack Greedy towards the sideline to open up an obvious back shoulder attempt, Williams keeps his hips square, uses his foot speed to click and close with Ridley’s movements, and keep the leverage. By doing that, Williams has essentially given himself a play on the ball every single time on this play. He could not have set himself up better. He does this often, too, but likes to get a little physical and instinctive at times.

This is an absolute gorgeous rep. It starts right at the stance. He is ready to explode back and mirror and his hips are perfectly square the whole way. Greedy barely even moves as he is only mirroring with his feet, and his hips are perfect. Thus, it becomes slightly more zone towards the end when he bumps the receiver off his route and throws his aside to get a play on the ball. And an easy snag for the INT. Beautiful job.

Similarly, his change of direction is fantastic and he uses his instincts to read the QB and make a big play on this errant pass. Even if it is a terrible pass, the ability to come up that quickly and make that catch for the INT is wildly impressive. Greedy has super impressive ball skills.

And while he does have all of that, Greedy does not always keep his hips square and tries to bite on his instincts a bit too much, and ends up giving up leverage, as he did far too often in the Alabama game.

Greedy is just off-balance here. He hips turn along with his feet here and he thus gives up the entire inside and this will be an easy completion every time in the NFL. He cannot bite into that release, no matter how good the receiver truly is. Oh, and Greedy is really, really bad in run support.

This is honestly one of the better examples of his run support. Here, he actually gets off the block, and at least has a chance at a tackle. Usually, he doesn’t even come close to shedding the block. He is either not strong enough or is making business decisions. However, here, he leaves his feet and goes for the ankle, and I hate to say it, but that is going to miss every single time.


There is a serious effort concern with Williams. It seems he takes plays off at times and gets burnt because of it. He will lollygag for little to no reason, and it takes a lot for me to criticize desire, but there is a hiccup there in his game. Greedy sometimes loses track of the ball and panics, often drawing penalties as he is fearful of getting burnt. His inconsistent mirroring leaves him open to double moves and getting beat across the middle. Williams is also weak in run support, and seems to make business decisions when it comes to it.

Fit with the Steelers

Greedy fits in just fine. He is rather scheme diverse and theoretically would be an extremely solid complement to Joe Haden. His length and ability to to still match and mirror in off-man are key reasons as to why he seems to be a good fit, but even more so, the ball skills he brings would create much needed turnovers.

Final Thoughts

Optimistic Take: Greedy fixes his effort issues and goes hard on all plays and begins to show a ferocious attitude in run support, which makes him more valuable than he could have ever been. His rawness and inconsistencies technique wise are fixed and he becomes a pro bowl level CB.

Pessimistic Take: Greedy flames out of the league due to his effort issues being more of an indictment of his overall character and he becomes one of those highly picked CBs that is a huge bust. Nothing ever improves and his weaknesses, which remind some of Justin Gilbert, are exactly true.

My Take: While he does have effort issues, his freshman year was the opposite. He was aggressive and in your face all year in his first year. I think he made a business decision, and maybe Pittsburgh does not want that with their current issues with Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. Regardless, I do not think he will flame out, but I really do not think he will be a top level guy either. I see a very good 2 here, and I see Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie a ton here. That is who he is.