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2019 NFL Draft Prospects: Penn State CB Amani Oruwariye has the tools to be appealing

Amani Oruwariye has the physical merits to be a Round 1 pick.

NCAA Football: Kent State at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Since Penn State Defensive Backs coach Tom Bradley has come onto the staff, the Steelers not only have bolstered the Penn State connection via drafting Marcus Allen and signing Malik Golden, but the DBs have shown some promise, although the talent there is not fantastic whatsoever. The Steelers, thus, might have the local connection here with Amani Oruwariye and it could draw them to him, but he is more than just a connection, this man can straight out play football.


Height: 6’1”

Weight: 204 lbs

Projected 40: 4.45

Data:, The Draft Network

Film Room

Oruwariye’s length shows up all over his film in good ways, and never really in bad ways. IT is not just how long his arms, but how long his strides are too. He was a high school safety as well, so it is significant to note how well Oruwariye moves his hips and tracks the ball.

This right here is a fantastic example of how sudden a player Oruwariye really is. This guy reacts right on time and just charges down towards the ball. He is absolutely explosive and this is where the safety experience comes in. Not only is he fluid, but he comes down and makes a beautiful play on the ball to make this incomplete pass. The length and his large wing span allow him to high point this and just knock it out of there. Fluidity and length like this is a deadly combination.

I am a big Amani Oruwariye fan because of plays like this. The ability to be so sudden, keep his hips square, and then use his length to cause an incompletion is paramount to any lengthy corners ability to be a truly good CB at the next level, and with how well Oruwariye tracks the ball, he is going to be a darn good one.

Much like DeAndre Baker, Oruwariye has elite awareness and alertness. It may not be on Baker’s level, but he can process routes through the receivers’ hips and read the QBs eyes pretty easily. Combine that with explosive ability and fantastic length and you have to watch out for this dude on any pass. The way he can just get a hand on the ball and play it so aggressively should be a huge plus to any team.

First off, I love how he sizes his receiver up off the line and mirrors him once he makes his release. He then uses his length and hands to give himself the leverage so the QB has to make a tough over the shoulder throw instead of a back shoulder throw. Next, I cannot say enough about the awareness and then body control it takes to make this play. Only top CBs make this play, and always having your head on a swivel is still valuable.

Fantastic recovery speed here and a great angle towards the ball. Oruwariye is impeccable at tracking the ball and making plays on it, and you can bet he will continue to do that on the NFL level. With the Steelers and so many other NFL teams lacking ball skills in their secondaries, Oruwariye should be at least a hot commodity for that reason.


His biggest weaknesses is easily tackling. I know, that is not what you guys wanted to hear, but he is not a terrible tackler, he is just an inconsistent tackler. Some of it is not even bad form, he just needs to fill his frame out strength wise. I also think he takes rather lukewarm angles at best. They are never great, but at least he sheds blocks well and holds the edge. If Oruwariye just started to wrap up rather than one-arm tackle at ankles, it certainly would help his game greatly.

Fit with the Steelers

In such a weird convoluted scheme such as Mike Tomlin’s scheme, which involves zone, off-man, and press man, Oruwariye will thrive in it. Penn State has a very similar type scheme, and the scheme works around Oruwariye’s strengths in order to give him the ample opportunity he needs to make a play on the ball. If he were to become a Steeler, his scheme fit would not be an issue. High character guy as well, so that is a big plus.

Final Thoughts

Between the local pipeline, the athletic popping traits, and the length Oruwariye has, the Steelers are gonna fall in love with him. They rightfully should. So, if they want their athletic specimen who is also a football player, I would look no further than Amani’s way. He and Joe Haden would be a fantastic 1-2 punch at CB, that is for sure.