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With another loss Steelers fan confidence shows expectations are at an all-time low

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 1-4, and while fan confidence remains low, a win heading into the bye could be a cure for what ails the fan base.

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NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in a bad place right now, and their fans might be in a worse place. Fans of the black-and-gold aren’t used to enduring seasons which begin with a 1-4 record, yet here we are.

After their 26-23 overtime loss to the Baltimore Ravens, the SB Nation FanPulse of the Steelers shows a trend which isn’t heading in the right direction, but why should it? The Steelers have yet to prove not only they can defeat a quality opponent, but also to prove they are able to make the plays necessary to beat anyone who has a win on their overall record.

The latest FanPulse results certainly paint a pretty accurate photo of how fans truly feel:

After the Steelers beat the Bengals in Week 4, the FanPulse data showed the confidence percentage go from 28% to 31%. After the gut-wrenching loss to Baltimore the confidence marks dipped back to 28%.

Not a huge dip in confidence, but this is the current state of the Steelers. Dealing with such a poor start to the season definitely changes how fans view the team and the upcoming stretch of games.

With that said, a win over a team like the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 6, a place the Steelers have struggled under Mike Tomlin, before the bye week could certainly boost these numbers. If, and that is a huge if, they can beat the Chargers and defeat the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football in Week 8, the then 3-4 Steelers would have some momentum and fan confidence should improve tremendously.

But is all starts with beating the Chargers on Sunday Night Football.

Buckle up fans, this game Sunday game will be a big one!

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