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Mike Tomlin states when Mason Rudolph is healthy, he is the Steelers’ starting QB

The Pittsburgh Steelers will go back to Mason Rudolph when he is cleared from the NFL’s concussion protocol.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

There are some fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers who believe the team has a quarterback controversy on their hands. After Devlin Hodges delivered a win over the Los Angeles Chargers, with Mason Rudolph in the NFL’s concussion protocol, many are on the “Duck” bandwagon in hopes to see the former Samford quarterback in Week 8 vs. the Miami Dolphins.

After the team’s bye week practice today head coach Mike Tomlin put an end to that by stating Mason Rudolph is the starting quarterback for the team when he is deemed healthy.

This per Teresa Varley of

When Rudolph will be cleared from the protocol has been a hot-button topic the past few days, and Tomlin labeled him being cleared as merely “semantics”, claiming Rudolph would be a full participant at practice if he were to give him a designation.

This per Dale Lolley of DKPittsburghSports:

This isn’t to suggest Tomlin doesn’t appreciate Hodges’ efforts, but he clearly believes the Steelers have the best chance to win with Rudolph at quarterback.

If the Steelers, and their fan base, have learned anything from the Hodges start in Week 6 is the team has a pair of quarterbacks who are capable of winning games. In other words, if the team continues to play solid defense, and run the football, there is no doubt both Rudolph and Hodges can deliver a ‘W’ for the team.

It is assumed Rudolph will be cleared for the Week 8 Monday Night Football game at Heinz Field vs. the Miami Dolphins, but when it comes to concussions nothing is ever set in stone. Fans can now rest easy knowing Rudolph is “the guy” whenever he is deemed healthy enough to step on the game field again.

Stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the black-and-gold as they prepare for a much needed rest during their Week 7 bye week.