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Pittsburgh Steelers Fact or Fiction: Back to Work edition

After a rare West Coast win and a bye for the Pittsburgh Steelers, BTSC takes five bold statements surrounding the current state of the team and labels them as Fact or Fiction.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers come out of the bye week Monday and the hope is that they can resume the momentum that led to a West Coast win in Week Six over the Chargers. But questions are still afoot. Will Mason Rudolph pick up where he left off? Could Devlin Hodges make an appearance? Are the Steelers hopes for the playoffs valid? Because of all of this and more, BTSC anticipates the storylines and issues bold statements regarding each one of them. Let’s take a look and deem them as fact or fiction.

The Steelers will bring back OLB Tuzar Skipper


I actually don’t think that they will. Skipper was a fan favorite in the preseason and should have never been let go in the first place. I’m still not overly sure how they are going to address the Anthony Chickillo situation, but my gut says that AThe more-experienced Jayrone Elliott gets the call from Kevin Colbert instead. I’m not saying it’s what they should do, I’m just thinking that’s what they do.

Note: The Steelers indeed went with Elliott on Wednesday.

The Duck Dynasty will continue to reign as Devlin Hodges becomes QB1 for the remainder of 2019.


Some fans want this to happen, but Mason Rudolph will not get Wally-Pipped out of the starting job due to the concussion sustained against Baltimore. Hodges did a great job in the win over the Los Angeles Chargers, but he had help from a conservative game plan, James Conner and the defense featuring Devin Bush: Turnover Machine. This is not an indictment on Duck’s ability and accomplishment, Mason needs to build on the progress he had made before the hit by Earl Thomas III.

The Bye Week came at the perfect time for the Steelers.


I hate the bye week, because I’m selfish and want to see the Steelers play a schedule like the Penguins...82 games. I’m joking, but I’m not really. The team did need the week off to try and get players to return to better health, mentally and physically. At 2-4, the team started the break with an important win and will need momentum to carry over and start a run..

James Conner is having a bad season.


If rushing statistics are the measuring stick, sure he is. However, Conner has only averaged 12.33 attempts-per-game and is virtually running into brick walls due to the offensive line’s reluctance for opening up holes for No. 30. But despite only 235 yards on the ground, the third-year runner from Pitt has 231 yards receiving and is responsible for the majority of the offensive work load. With five TDs total, Conner is keeping the Steelers in games.

AFC Playoff dreams for the Steelers are no longer on life support.


The priest is home watching Netflix (but not chillin’...that would be disturbing), but he is waiting by the phone to perform last rites. Hopefully, he’ll have to wait a bit. With a win on MNF, the Steelers would be at 3-4, but still two back of the bye-week Baltimoreons. AFC teams have to lose and the Steelers need to go on a roll. I recall a 3-4 team that did just that in 1995. But first they need to go one at a time and focus on Miami.

Are these statements valid? We will soon see. What matters most is your opinions on the matter. Please state them in the comments below.