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Rod Woodson or Troy Polamalu? Bill Cowher says the answer is Woodson

When posed with the question of who was better, Bill Cowher went with the Hall of Fame defensive back.

NFL Archive Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers fan base is a fortunate fan base. Anyone who is in their mid 30s has seen the team play in at least four Super Bowls, and anyone who is older than that likely watched the team dominate in the 1970s.

In other words, the talent which has come from the Steelers franchise is noteworthy, to say the least. Riddled with Hall of Fame players, people love to ask which players was better between two particular players.

It is difficult to compare eras, but on CBS Sports Sunday a question was posed to former Steelers head coach Bill Cowher which was genuine, and difficult. The question was who was the better player, Rod Woodson or Troy Polamalu. Cowher, who coached both players during his tenure in Pittsburgh, chose Woodson over Polamalu.

Check out his explanation:

Cowher would know better than anyone who was the better player, but it begs the question who the fan base views as better. Certainly fans who never watched Woodson play will lean towards Polamalu, but it doesn’t lessen Woodson’s overall athleticism and prowess on the field.

In case you need some visual evidence of this...

Rod Woodson Highlights

Troy Polamalu Highlights

After viewing those, who would you take? Let us know in the poll below and be sure to voice your opinion in the comment section under this article!


Who was better?

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