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The Pittsburgh Steelers ‘Bonehead’ decision of the week, Bengals Edition

A new feature on BTSC gives fans an arena to let their displeasure be known about one specific facet of the game that was.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers have had their share of ‘bonehead’ decisions throughout their 1-3 start to the 2019 season. Every game, even games where the Steelers pull out the ‘W’, have their moments where fans are scratching their heads regarding a specific decision.

The overall crux of this article was built around the fact of giving fans a chance to have a space where they can put their collective heads together and try and figure out what went wrong, and why it went down the way it did.

For me, there wasn’t much to complain about after the Steelers’ 27-3 win over their AFC North rival Cincinnati Bengals. However, there has been a trend the past few games I don’t agree with, yet the coaching staff keeps doing it.

What is it? How about using rookie Benny Snell Jr. as their short-yardage back.

Snell got another opportunity against the Bengals on Monday Night Football, and failed to gain the yards needed for a first down. Now, before you all get frustrated with me calling this decision boneheaded, realize this isn’t just a one game sample size. Snell has played sparingly, and has only converted one attempt on a critical down and distance.

Snell showed in the preseason he needs to improve his vision and downhill running style, and those two things are absolutely paramount when someone is labeled as a short-yardage back. A lot falls on the shoulders of the offensive line opening up lanes and getting a push, but I don’t see the need to take James Conner off the field in short yardage situations when he has proven he can get the job done in that regard.

I decided to reach out to Dave Schofield and BTSC podcaster Lance Williams regarding their bonehead decisions of Week 4. See what they had to say:

Dave Schofield

My bonehead decision was Mike Tomlin challenging the offensive pass interference call on Johnny Holton. It’s not that it was a bad call, because it was. It’s not because it shouldn’t have been overturned because it should have. It’s because it would’ve only given them 2nd and 10 versus 1st and 20. And when they got 11 yards on first down, they were in better shape then if the penalty would have been overturned.

Lance Williams

This was simple for me — giving Donte Moncrief a helmet. If you are going to dress Moncrief, and not use him, why dress him at all? The Steelers need players who can play, and since Moncrief isn’t being used in the offense and doesn’t play special teams it makes me wonder why the team even is making him active on game days.

It is here where you, the reader, gets to voice your concern/anger with something the Steelers did, or didn’t do, from the week that was! Let us know your bonehead decision of the week in the comment section below!