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Mason Rudolph being further evaluated at local hospital, no update given after Steelers loss

Head Coach Mike Tomlin didn’t have an update on Mason Rudolph’s status after the team’s loss in Week 5.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t just lose to the Baltimore Ravens in Week 5, plunging them deep down the AFC North standings, but they also lost another quarterback when Mason Rudolph was hit and laid unconscious on the field in the third quarter.

During the game, the Steelers Public Relations Department said Rudolph was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation.

After the game, Mike Tomlin gave no update on Rudolph’s status, stating he doesn’t have any update to give at the current moment. Rather, he said he will update the injury on Tuesday during his weekly press conference.

It was hard to stomach watching the hit to the head of Earl Thomas on Rudolph, but it is also hard to fathom how the Steelers have lost their top two quarterbacks within the first 5 weeks of the regular season.

Anyone who was ever dealt with a concussion, or is trained to deal with concussions, knows not every situation is created equal. Some head injuries look horrible and the individual recovers quicker than anyone imagined. Other injuries don’t look that bad, but take months to recover.

Mason Rudolph is essentially out until his brain heals properly and he is able to return to regular every day activity. There is an NFL protocol for a reason, and it is to prevent athletes from returning too soon, something which can have long-lasting effects on the brain. Rudolph first has to be cleared to practice, and will have to show he has not suffered a set back before he is even considered a viable option to return to the Steelers as their quarterback.

In the meantime, it is Devlin Hodges’ job heading into Week 6 when the Steelers travel across country to play the Los Angeles Chargers before their Week 7 bye week.

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