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Steelers Burning Questions: Needed answers as the Steelers prepare for the Chargers in Week 6

The Steelers are in desperation mode, and there are plenty of questions that need to be answered.

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Words can’t describe how bad I felt for Mason Rudolph as we all watched the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback on the Heinz Field turf unconscious. Prayers and thoughts go out to the second year quarterback as we hope for a speedy, and thorough, recovery.

Nonetheless, there are some serious questions that need answered that are injury related, and some that involve the state of the football team. Let’s get to it...

Question 1a and 1b - With the injury to Mason Rudolph and an uncertain timeline for a return, the Steelers are left with one quarterback on the active roster. When Ben Roethlisberger went on season ending Injured Reserve, Paxton Lynch was signed to the practice squad. They also signed Taryn Christion to the practice squad to basically emulate Jackson and his style of play, but he has since been released.

While someone like Landry Jones would be a thought in my people’s minds, him being under contract with the XFL means he can’t come back to possibly help the team. Is Paxton Lynch the person the team should promote if Rudolph is out this week?

If not Lynch, who would you bring in if Rudolph is out for an extended time?

Question 2 - James Washington left Sunday’s game with a shoulder injury and did not return. There is not much left in Mother Hubbard’s cupboard if he can’t play next week. Ryan Switzer has been relegated to only return duties, and that in itself is debatable. Johnny Holton has yet to get his hands on a ball and we know what the story is with Donte Moncrief.

Where do the Steelers look for help if Washington can’t go, and should they be looking anyway?

Question 3 - Despite my griping about Keith Butler and the state of the defense, it seems as if they have started to gel and come into their own. It almost feels as though they have said we have to carry this team.

Do you feel the same and what is one thing you wished would improve on defense as we move forward in the season?

Question 4 - I’ll start this by saying I am a huge fan of T.J. Watt and feel he is on his way to becoming an elite defensive player in the NFL. With that said he was given a big time stiff arm by Lamar Jackson on Sunday.

Should T.J. be ashamed that a quarterback put him on his butt?

Question 5 - In this last game I saw Ramon Foster standing around instead of getting involved and blocking, twice. Others have commented throughout the year that he is getting blown off the ball and not holding his ground.

Is it time to see what B.J. Finney can do?

Well that’s it, have at it and as always go Steelers!