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Steelers vs. Browns, Week 11: 3rd quarter in-game update

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are back, and we keep you up to date with those who aren’t able to watch the game live.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

1st Quarter In-Game Update

2nd Quarter In-game Update

With the Browns starting the second half with the ball, the Steelers’ defense did their job and got off the field. But more ineptitude continued from the Pittsburgh offense when Rudolph was picked off for the second time while throwing behind Tevin Jones during a promising drive.

Another Browns three-and-out continued to give the Steelers a shot at coming back, and thanks to a penalty-filled drive for the Browns, on illegal contact and a defensive pass interference call, moved the Steelers to a 1st and goal situation. On a broken play, Rudolph found Jaylen Samuels who walked into the end-zone for the Steelers score. Chris Boswell’s point-after was good, and the Steelers were only trailing 14-7 with 5:39 remaining in the third quarter.

The Browns attempted a 50 yard field goal at the end of the quarter, but Seibert missed wide right. This gave the Steelers their best starting field position of the game to start the fourth quarter.