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Steelers players comment on Myles Garrett’s attack on Mason Rudolph

With only seconds remaining in a game that it already been decided, the incidence between the Steelers and Browns will be the only thing many take away from the game

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

It’s one of the worst moments in NFL history to intentionally take place on the football field. Personally, I can’t think of any situation that comes close to what occurred with eight seconds left in the games between the Steelers and Browns Thursday night. When the Browns’ former first-overall pick Myles Garrett ripped off quarterback Mason Rudolph‘s helmet, it instantly drew a penalty. But when Garrett swung the helmet violently at Rudolph, it crossed a completely different line other than just high emotions on the field of play. Luckily, although the helmet did connect with Rudolph’s head, it glanced off of him enough to not do serious and permanent damage.

Suspensions will be forthcoming. How the NFL is going to handle the situation remains to be seen, but with the “image of the shield” being of upmost importance the penalties will look to be severe. As for the Steelers players, they had plenty to say about the subject. Head coach Mike Tomlin, however, wisely avoided speaking on the subject in order to keep himself from any punishment from the league.

When it comes to Mason Rudolph, some of the words he used to describe the situation were “bush league” and “cowardly.” A portion of Rudolph’s post-game interview can be seen below courtesy of ESPN’s Brook Pryor.

As for Maurkice Pouncey, who was ejected for throwing multiple punches and kicks at Myles Garrett in response to the attack on Rudolph, he appears to be ready for whatever discipline comes from the league. Many players from around the NFL have already thrown support towards Pouncey for sticking up for his teammate in such a terrible situation. As for his thoughts on the subject, Pouncey believes this issue was much bigger than football.

Defensive captain Cameron Heyward was still shaken up over the incident after the game. In an interview with DK Pittsburgh Sports’ Dejan Kovacevic, Heyward struggled to answer the question.

Some of the other players speaking out about the incident included Mark Barron, David DeCastro, Joe Haden, and James Washington.

Several members of the Cleveland Browns also gave their opinion on the situation

To say that there are heated rivalries within the AFC North would be an understatement. With very physical and sometimes dirty situations in the past between division foes, every AFC North matchup comes with a different level of physicality. But this time, the line between physical play and personal safety was definitely crossed.

The players have spoken. Now it is up for the NFL league office to respond.