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3 games to watch in Week 12 which give perspective on the Steelers future opponents

There are several NFL games this week which will help shape the perception of teams the Steelers take on later in 2019

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

With the extra days from playing on Thursday night in Week 11, Steelers’ fans have had to endure the pain of a poor performance for the extra time. Frankly, I’m ready to see the Steelers get back in action on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. With the Steelers also returning to a 1 PM kick off time, many other games featuring future opponents will be going on at the same time.

With only six games remaining, the match ups between teams who the Steelers still need to face have all but disappeared. Therefore, the requirement of both teams being on the Steeler schedule has now been suspended. Even though there are four games this weekend which involve the Steelers’ future opponents, we’ll look at three different games based on how soon the Steelers face them and overall intrigue.

Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns

Sunday at 1:00 PM on FOX

I really don’t have much interest in this game, but with the Steelers playing the Browns again next week I feel obligated to include it. I was really tempted to leave it off as I don’t want to see this team right now unless they’re getting completely destroyed. Luckily this game is going on at the same time as the Steelers, so I will not actually watch this game. But I will look with interest as to what the score is and how the teams are playing.

Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills

Sunday 1:00 PM on CBS

With yet another game which will take place at the same time as the Steelers, the Bills are the next closest opponent on the Steelers’ schedule who will be an action in Week 12. Being a bit up-and-down lately, the Buffalo Bills are still searching for their identity as they are in the lead in the AFC wildcard race. If they were to struggle against the 3-7 Broncos, it could be telling about Buffalo’s contender or pretender status.

Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Rams

Monday at 8:15 PM on ESPN

Once again, the Ravens bring an intriguing matchup that forces their way onto the list. Even though the Steelers will wait until Week 17 to square off in Baltimore, the fact the Ravens play on Monday night football against a quality team the Steelers have defeated in 2019 makes for a great game to watch. The Ravens are the hottest team in the NFL right now, so the ultimate question is if they can keep their momentum through the last six games.

So there are the three other NFL matchups which can give Steelers’ fans an indication as to the quality of upcoming opponents in 2019. While each week is a different game and upsets due to certain matchups are bound to happen, the greater the body of work each team puts on the field can help to draw better conclusions.

So which of these games on Sunday will be the most telling as it pertains to the 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers schedule moving forward? Make sure you vote in the poll and give your thoughts in the comments below.


Which NFL game in Week 12 do you think gives the most perspective on the Steelers upcoming opponents?

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    Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns
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  • 55%
    Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills
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  • 28%
    Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Rams
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