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3 games to watch in Week 13 which give perspective on the Steelers future opponents

There are several NFL games this week which will help shape the perception of teams the Steelers take on later in 2019

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Since the Steelers found a way to pull out a victory over the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 12, they now find themselves back in the sixth seed in the AFC playoff race. Thanks to the Oakland Raiders falling apart against the New York Jets, the Steelers currently head up a group of four teams all sitting at 6-5. In the final quarter of the season, we will focus on games affecting the Steelers in the standings. But for one last week, we will look at games with the Steelers future opponents.

With only five games remaining, the match ups between teams who the Steelers still need to face have all but disappeared. Therefore, the requirement of both teams being on the Steeler schedule has now been suspended. Even though there are four games this weekend which involve the Steelers’ future opponents, we’ll look at three different games based on how soon the Steelers face them.

Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys

Thursday at 4:30 PM on CBS

Watching football on Thanksgiving has become a tradition in many families. If you are like me, it really doesn’t matter who’s playing because you’re going to make sure the game is on. With the Steelers going up against the Buffalo Bills in Week 15, seeing how they fare against the Dallas Cowboys will be intriguing. If the Bills were to lose, it’s brings them closer to the Steelers in the wildcard standings. If the Cowboys were to lose… well… the Cowboys lose. So either way a positive can be taken from the situation.

New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals

Sunday 1:00 PM on CBS

The Jets are a surging team right now winning their last three games. Heading into Cincinnati to take on the winless Bengals, the Jets could pick up even more momentum before their Week 16 matchup against the Steelers. As much as the Steelers needed the Jets help last week, seeing the Bengals get their first win of the season would be nice in Week 13.

Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals

Sunday at 4:05 PM on Fox

It’s basically a requirement for the team the Steelers face the following week to be a game which is noteworthy. Throw in the fact the Steelers played a very tough game against the Los Angeles Rams at Heinz Field several weeks ago, seeing how the Rams respond after getting crushed by the Ravens at home will be very interesting to watch. Seeing the Cardinals secure a losing record before Pittsburgh heads west to face them in Week 14 isn’t necessary, but also wouldn’t hurt either.

So there are the three other NFL matchups which can give Steelers’ fans an indication as to the quality of upcoming opponents in 2019. While each week is a different game and upsets due to certain matchups are bound to happen, the greater the body of work each team puts on the field can help to draw better conclusions.

So which of these games on Sunday will be the most telling as it pertains to the 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers schedule moving forward? Make sure you vote in the poll and give your thoughts in the comments below.


Which NFL game in Week 13 do you think gives the most perspective on the Steelers’ upcoming opponents?

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    Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys
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  • 12%
    New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals
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  • 17%
    Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals
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