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Pittsburgh Steelers Burning Questions: Vance McDonald Edition

The Pittsburgh Steelers tight end situation has us asking some burning questions towards the end of the regular season.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

There has been some early talk among Steelers’ Nation on what the Steelers can do to retain the services of Bud Dupree who is set to become a Free Agent after the 2019 season. The issue at hand is always money and, for the most part, the lack of it especially based on past production. I fully expect the Steelers to use the franchise tag on Dupree in 2020 in order to continue talks, but the price won’t be cheap.

Like I said, discussions have been made among some of the BTSC faithful on how to free up some cap space in order to at least have a chance to lock up Dupree for the next few seasons. One name has been bounced around for a year or so, mostly due to his injury history. His cap number isn’t that high, but considering his production and the time missed on the field, the 4.1+ million in cap savings would help in keeping the dynamic and devastating edge rushers paired together. And they are devastating.

I like Vance and feel bad for him, but is it time to move on from the often injured tight end?

Is Vance McDonald easily replaceable in either free agency or the NFL Draft?

Do the Steelers have a glaring need at the position even with McDonald, as Nick Vannett will be a free agent in 2020 and Zach Gentry has seen limited playing time?

Would it cost the Steelers more to replace McDonald than to keep him?

As always, Go Steelers!!!!