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Pittsburgh Steelers CB "Mighty" Joe Haden is enjoying a career revival

Don't look now, but Pittsburgh Steelers CB Joe Haden looks reborn and is enjoying arguably the finest season of his distinguished career.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL fraternity needs more Joe Hadens. The quintessential professional and stalwart in the community, Haden is the gold standard of NFL perseverance. Let's take a look at Haden's journey to Pittsburgh for some clarity.

After starring for his high school basketball and football teams, excelling as a two way star on the football field, Joe took his talents to burgeoning football powerhouse Florida Gators. There he teamed with college football legend, Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, to help the Gators win the 2008 BCS National Championship. Haden would go on to be named the Sporting News Defensive Player of the year and an unanimous All American selection after the 2009 season.

Joe decided to forgo his senior season and enter the NFL Draft. Joe was sitting on top of the world, looking at millions of dollars coming his way in the near future. Haden the player had only known success through his fledgling athletic career, but Haden the individual had managed to maintain his humility.

Good thing, because immense hardships were about to strike. Haden was the seventh selection of the first round by the equivalent of football purgatory Cleveland Browns. A man who had only known winning was heading to a franchise renown for losing.

So what did young Joe Haden do? Did he complain and pout, refuse to show up or demand a trade? No, he displayed the character of a man who was thankful to be drafted and have the opportunity to earn a fortune playing the game he loved. Not only did Haden show up, but he played to the best of his abilities, even through all the losing. He was a team leader, and behaved as an individual, on and off the field, that the Browns franchise could be proud of. Joe is a gentleman with a charitable heart, a staple in the community.

After seven years of losing football, the Cleveland Browns did Joe a huge favor. They released Haden in a salary cap cutting maneuver, after Joe refused to accept a pay cut. One man's trash is another man's treasure, and the Steelers quickly signed Joe to a contract. Joe immediately became the best cornerback on the Steelers roster, easily the most talented Steelers CB since Ike "Hands of Stone" Taylor.

However, even super talented players need talented players surrounding them to reach their full potential, and the Steelers secondary lacked both talent and experience. The Steelers defense continued to struggle, even with the addition of Mighty Joe, and many disappointed fans started looking for a scapegoat. Joe's salary made him a easy target.

So what did Joe do? Did he fire back at his critics on Twitter, or blame others and demand a trade. No, he continued to work hard and set an example for his talented young teammates. He continued his work in the community. He remained the leader of the secondary, and a beloved teammate and humanitarian. Again Joe handled a difficult situation the only way he knows how, with humility and class.

Joe is quietly enjoying arguably the finest season of his distinguished career. Just as Vince Williams has suddenly remembered how to play again since being surrounded with talented newcomers Bush and Barron, Haden's game has flourished with the additions of Nelson and Fitzpatrick. Haden looks revived, and is back having fun on the football field.

In a league currently being plagued by selfish, disrespectful malcontents, Joe Haden is a role model for class and professionalism. He has joined with his talented teammates this season to gift Steelers Nation with a defense we can all be proud of.