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Devlin Hodges was nearly perfect in the first half vs. the Cardinals, but were there issues?

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ rookie quarterback had a tremendous opening half vs the Cardinals, but was there more than meets the eye?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Devlin Hodges made his third career start against the Arizona Cardinals last Sunday. As Steelers Nation has seen over those starts, and the two other games that he has played in, Hodges is not making devastating mistakes that could cost the Pittsburgh Steelers wins. He is not taking the NFL by storm either.

Completing 9/10 passes is solid, but for just 90 yards against one of the worst pass defense teams was not impressive. How many of those completions did he make the correct decisions, and were there other plays which show that will only show up on the film?

Let’s dive into the film and answer the above question...

Hodges did have a couple of what I like to refer to as “WOW” moments, but overall his play was mundane, yet effective. He continues to make safe and accurate throws while continuing drives and putting the team in position to score. His pocket presence and footwork is still a work in progress, and is far from being a finished product. Hodges continues to limit costly mistakes to keep the Steelers in the playoff hunt.

How will his second half of the Cardinals game compare to the first half? Be sure to come back tomorrow to catch the second half film study.