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How did Devlin Hodges secure the win in the second half vs. the Cardinals?

The Pittsburgh Steelers had a ridiculously efficient second half by quarterback Devlin Hodges, but is efficient good enough moving forward?

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Last Sunday, NFL history was made when an undrafted rookie free agent won his first three career starts. Devlin Hodges captured the latest of those accolades against the Arizona Cardinals.

The Steelers are on the precipice of landing an improbable playoff spot in 2019 with the play of Hodges and a stingy defense. Hodges entered his fifth NFL contest tied with the Cardinals heading into the second half. His first half was nondescript except for two “WOW“ plays en route to only three offensive points. How does Hodges help ensure a much-needed victory against the 31 ranked pass defense the Cardinals deploy in the second half?

Time to roll the tape and dig deeper than what stats can provide.

Hodges put up a grand total of 65 total yards in the second half — what did he not do? He did not make any costly mistakes. Completing 7/9 passes in the second half. Conservative football and relying on the defense to not lose the lead is where Steelers football is right now.

Hodges tossed a solid strike to Diontae Johnson for what would be the go-ahead and solidifying the win. While Hodges is not putting up eye-popping stats, he is making precision throws on slants, ins, and out patterns while taking advantage of one-on-one coverage with careful accuracy. He is making the throws that every NFL starting quarterback is expected to make even though most of Steelers Nation never expected him to ever throw an NFL pass, let alone be leading the second hottest team in the NFL hurling towards the playoffs.