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Le’Veon Bell posts Renegade video paying homage to his time with the Steelers

The former Pittsburgh Steelers running back posted a video on social media paying homage to his time in black-and-gold.

New York Jets v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

There is a rich history between Pittsburgh Steelers and running back Le’Veon Bell. The two parties become one in the 2013 NFL Draft, and fans of the black-and-gold watched as Bell turned into one of the biggest offensive weapons in the NFL.

One of the ‘Killer B’s’, Bell made a name for himself when he burst onto the scene in 2014, only to have the loving marriage end in a bitter divorce in 2018 when Bell refused to show up to work after the Steelers placed the exclusive rights franchise tag on him for a second straight season.

Current members of the Pittsburgh Steelers show no ill will towards Bell and his decisions made since last donning the black-and-gold in 2017. But the fan base remains bitter about how things went down, and what might have been.

As the Steelers and New York Jets, Bell’s current team, prepare to play one another in Metlife Stadium in Week 16, Bell took to his many social media platforms and posted a Renegade video of his time in Pittsburgh, as well as his first season in the Big Apple.

Check it out:

It is at this point where you have to ask the question regarding how Steelers fans view the former All-Pro running back? Are you disgusted with how he left, therefore tarnishing his time in Pittsburgh? Were you never that keen on Bell in the first place, especially after multiple suspensions kept him off the field?

Let us know your thoughts on the video, Bell’s time in Pittsburgh and how you view the star running back as an opponent this week in Week 16.