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Now eligible, do fans want to see the Steelers on HBO’s Hard Knocks?

After missing the postseason for two straight years, the Steelers are eligible to appear on the show as long as they don’t make a head-coaching change

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

It’s something Steelers fans could greet with mixed reviews. While some might jump at the chance to see an inside look at their favorite team, others could be concerned about the distraction in preparation for the 2020 season. Regardless of where you fall, the fact of the matter is the Pittsburgh Steelers now meet the first factor of eligibility to be featured on HBO‘s documentary series Hard Knocks.

For those of you not familiar with the show, it is an inside look at an NFL franchise through training camp as they prepare for the upcoming season. The show began in 2001 when it followed the Baltimore Ravens for six episodes. After featuring the Dallas Cowboys in 2002, the show did not air again until 2007 where it has produced five episodes each season following one NFL team. Since it’s inception, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the only AFC North team who has yet to appear on the show.

There are several criteria as to teams which can be chosen to be featured on Hard Knocks. The Steelers have never met these criteria before, so with the opportunity not always available the NFL may jump at the chance to attract one of the largest fan bases in the sport.

So what exactly did the Steelers do to meet the first portion of the criteria to be on the show? Simple. They failed to make the playoffs for two straight years.

Whether or not the Steelers continue to be eligible is a factor which has been an ongoing debate among Steelers fans season after season. If a team has a new head coach, they are not eligible to be on the show. So unless the Steelers choose to move on from head coach Mike Tomlin, they can be chosen by the league to be featured in 2020.

If an NFL team meets the criteria to be chosen for the show, they cannot refuse being featured. Even if they do not wish to have their inner workings recorded and put on television for all to see, once a team is selected by HBO and the NFL they have no say in the matter.

But do Steelers’ fans really want to see their team in this manner on television? In many cases, players and coaches can be viewed in a much different light after the inside look. Additionally, with the way Mike Tomlin doesn’t allow the inner workings of his team to be known by those on the outside, will he provide much quality content for the viewing experience? Or will he have no choice?

One factor which could inhibit the Steelers as a choice for Hard Knocks is the show generally follows the team’s first-round draft pick and highlights their adjustment to the NFL. Since the Steelers traded their first round draft pick to the Miami Dolphins as part of the deal for Minkah Fitzpatrick, it could deter producers from choosing the Steelers for the documentary.

So how do you feel about the Steelers team being on the show? Whether you have never seen an episode or if you’re a die-hard fan, is having the the film crew in Latrobe to follow the 2020 Steelers something fans would like to see? Please make sure to vote in the poll and share your comments below!


Would you like to see the Steelers featured on the HBO documentary series Hard Knocks?

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  • 25%
    YES! I want to see my as much as I can about my favorite team.
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  • 58%
    NO! The Steelers don’t need the distraction as they are preparing to bounce back for the 2020 season.
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  • 16%
    I don’t care. Wake me up in September when the Steelers play again.
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