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NFLPA confirms Steelers will carry over $18.2 million of unused salary cap space into 2019

Only five teams in the league will rollover more salary cap space than the Steelers this offseason.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

With the majority of the league’s business done for 2018, the NFLPA officially confirmed the amount of unused salary cap space each team has elected to carry over into next season on Thursday, with the Pittsburgh Steelers set to rollover more cap space than ever before in 2019.

As is virtually always the case each year, every team has opted to carry over 100 percent of the cap space available to them and the full amount the Steelers will actually rollover is $18,248,921, as per the NFLPA public salary cap report.

The bulk of this money comes courtesy of Le’Veon Bell after he opted to sit out the entire season, a decision that put $14.544 million back into the account that Pittsburgh will now be able to use next year. However, without this money from Bell, the Steelers would have been facing a difficult offseason in 2019. Now projected to be around $20.5 million under the cap when this carry over is included, Pittsburgh would have had less than $3 million in salary cap space to work if Bell had not held out all year.

Only five teams will rollover more money than the Steelers, with the Cleveland Browns set to carry over a ridiculous $56.5 million. But looking at projected salary cap figures for 2019, only 10 teams will have less cap space at their disposal than Pittsburgh when the new league year begins.

The Baltimore Ravens are projected to have around $28 million to work with, while the Cincinnati Bengals should have just under 51.8 million. The Brown are projected to be third in the league with over $82.4 million. The Indianapolis Colts lead the NFL with an absurd $110.8 million and the New York Jets are second with $93.8 million.