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Suggestion that Ravens should sign Le’Veon Bell draws reaction from both sides

Off all the teams the running back could sign with this offseason, few are as repulsive to think about as the Baltimore Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The national sports media will make several ludicrous suggestions about moves each NFL team should make this offseason over the coming weeks, with the Good Morning Football show on the NFL Network likely to be responsible for a significant number of them. As the place that serious football discussion goes to die, the range of topics highlighted by GMFB are perhaps less founded in fact that most football shows.

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise to note that the hosts of the show were promoting the idea of Le’Veon Bell signing with the Baltimore Ravens during free agency, a suggestion that appears to have piqued the running back’s interest.

Much like the Steelers, Baltimore are not known for making high priced free agent signings, but it would seem that there are some Ravens players who might welcome the move.

Even if one or two were surprised by his interested in their team.

Having picked up Lamar Jackson as a new follower on Instagram, Bell then gave him a quick shout out in return.

And was clearly enjoying all the calls from Ravens fans on social media to join their team.

A response that drew even more encouragement for Baltimore.

However, given the responses of several Steelers fans in amongst the comments from the Ravens supporters, it would be fair to say that the idea did not sit well with everyone.

Expected to have a similar amount of salary cap space to work with in 2019 as Pittsburgh, the Ravens could afford to give Bell the sort of contract he is looking for in theory. Whether they are willing to break the habit of a lifetime and spend that amount on the running back remains to be seen.