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Cleveland Browns shock NFL landscape by signing RB Kareem Hunt

The Browns continue to add talent to their roster, and this move very well might just shake up the AFC North landscape.

Arizona Cardinals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Just when you thought the Cleveland Browns were a team who had turned the corner ... they do something like this:

Then say this:

Yes, that’s right. The Cleveland Browns have now signed free agent, and potential suspension candidate, Kareem Hunt to a one-year contract.

Hunt’s talents have already been on full display in his short NFL career, but a domestic incident which came to light during the 2018 regular season saw the team who drafted him, the Kansas City Chiefs, cut him immediately after he reportedly lied to the franchise about the incident and his involvement in it.

The General Manager who drafted Hunt to the Chiefs, John Dorsey, is the same one who is calling the shots in Cleveland now, and would be a large reason why he feels so strongly about adding Hunt to their team.

This is Hunt’s statement to the press regarding his second chance:

Hunt is saying all the right things, but the league has yet to complete their investigation and hand out any type of punishment on Hunt for his role in the incident which was caught on tape.

This then turns into the sad, but age-old, question in professional sports where you ask if talent trumps morality. No one is saying Hunt isn’t talented — he is. But at the same time, do you overlook what took place last February just because he is a talented player? Some would suggest talent trumps all, while other suggest players like Ray Rice, and now Hunt, have no place in professional sports.

The Browns have taken a chance on Hunt, but not one which will handcuff them financially.

Hunt’s contract is expected to be just north of $1 million dollars, and the Browns have a ridiculous amount of salary cap space heading into the 2019 season. Even if Hunt is suspended for part of the season, the Browns still have Duke Johnson and Nick Chubb to carry the load until he returns. With all three backs, talk about a daunting backfield.

Stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news with the Steelers, across the NFL and especially the AFC North as it unravels during the offseason.