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Report: Antonio Brown changes tune, will meet with Rooney out of respect

If the Steelers owner hoped to resolve matters by meeting with the teams star receiver while he was in Florida, Brown’s apparent refusal to meet him quickly ended that dream

Wild Card Round - Miami Dolphins v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

For those fans still hopeful of a resolution to the Steelers drama with Antonio Brown that would end with him staying in Pittsburgh, that dream might have taken another turn for the worse on Friday if a new report from Ian Rapoport is to be believed.

With the NFL Network analyst claiming that Brown still unwilling to speak to team owner Art Rooney II after he had made a trip to the receiver’s home state of Florida, it would appear there is little to no chance of repairing this damaged relationship.

Rather than speak with the man who made him the highest paid player at his position in the league less than two years ago, it would seem Brown is more intent on waging his own war against Pittsburgh on social media, with his latest post on Friday a strong indication of his current feelings about the Steelers organization.

His post the day before also implying he saw nothing wrong with the way he has behaved as of late.

If Brown really is refusing to meet with Mr. Rooney even when he has travelled all the way to Florida to see him, there can be few fans left who can have any remaining respect for his actions.

Unfortunately, behavior like this is hardly likely to endear Brown to many of the other owners around the league, especially given the level of respect Mr. Rooney has among his peers. The longer the receiver acts out this way, the harder it will be for the Steelers to find someone willing to offer his true trade value.


News now states Antonio Brown will indeed meet with the Steelers President/Owner, out of respect.