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10 Things I Think I Thought worrying about the Patriots in the Super Bowl

Some serious thoughts about the upcoming Super Bowl.

NFL: Super Bowl LIII Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There is still one game left, and I’m not brain dead yet. Here are ten more thoughts I’ve had while awaiting the Steeler-less Super Bowl.

  1. The Patriots are the 70’s Cowboys of dynasties. Sure, they have won a lot, but there is no personality. It’s just a well oiled machine. Too much personality can kill a dynasty before it is born- see the Bears of the 80’s. Too little and no matter how great the achievement, all it musters is a “meh.” Things are pretty bad when the most interesting guy on the team is the evil genius coach that looks like the guy whose yard you left your baseball in rather than risk getting yelled at for retrieving it.
  2. How different this time of year is when we are not in the thick of it. Those many years we made it to the conference championship and lost, I’d still be sore and sad about now. Those eight years we were going to be playing, I’d be as geeked up as a hummingbird leaving Starbucks. And seeing Steeler news in the headlines isn’t helping, as it will just be yet another guy chiming in on AB.
  3. Christmas decorations are still up in our house. My beautiful wife is a reasonable woman, and I an unreasonable man. I want them up year round, she is good so far. I expect they’ll be down soon, and the countdown for putting them back up will start, right next to the countdown for our opening game of the season.
  4. I’m willing to believe that next year could be our year. It was an encouragement to read about the drama of the 77 season, and we know what came after that. I’m genuinely intrigued by the possibility that our young studs will help us avoid a precipitous drop when Ben hangs them up.
  5. Sam Darnold, like his buddy James Conner, seems like a genuine good guy. Hoping he enjoys a heaping helpful of New England clam chowder come Sunday.
  6. When I was a kid I cheered for Pitt (saw Dorsett live run for over 200 yards against Temple his sophomore year) and Penn State both. When they would meet at the end of the year, I’d root for whoever was ranked higher. Anybody else do that?
  7. I want accurate information from a local sports reporter. I also want hometown loyalty. KDKA producer Michael Telek had both. Come on KDKA, don’t be a bunch of suits. Bill Currie must be rolling over in his grave... in a loud sport coat.
  8. Last guy to wear a duck bill face mask for the Steelers? I’m thinking Frenchy Fuqua, but am not quite sure.
  9. The two classiest guys from the glory years? I’m gonna say John Stallworth and Mel Blount.
  10. Speaking of which, whatever happens Sunday, let’s try to show some class.