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Agent Drew Rosenhaus shares details of Antonio Brown’s meeting with Steelers

Antonio Brown’s agent confirmed that the Steelers would handle the search for a trade partner for his client.

The Thuzio Executive Club And Rosenhaus Sports Representation Party During Super Bowl Weekend Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Thuzio

While little has been heard from the Pittsburgh Steelers following their meeting with Antonio Brown on Tuesday, the same cannot be said for the receiver’s agent. Appearing as a guest on ESPN’s NFL Live that was conveniently scheduled for later that same day, Drew Rosenhaus was quick to get his face in front of the camera extolling the virtues of his client.

Opening his remarks with a reminder of Brown’s greatness, Rosenhaus had nothing but positive things to say about the meeting between AB and Art Rooney II.

“I think the important thing to keep in mind is that Antonio has had nine great years with the Steelers organization. He’s really had a historic career for them and this was really a way to move on in a very positive light. Antonio had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Rooney, clear the air on a lot of issues, they shook hands, they gave each other a hug. Both sides agree that at this stage of Antonio’s career, it is in his best interest, and everyone’s best interest, Antonio, the Steelers, at this juncture, to move forward and work on a trade.”

When it comes to who will handle looking for a trade partner, Rosenhaus confirmed that was in the Steelers control, for now.

“Right now, the Steelers, they’re running the whole trade effort. Antonio’s under contract and they have the ability to talk to other teams right now and find the best deal for them. And we hope they get a great amount of compensation. We want everybody to win here. This is the kind of thing where certainly it’d be great for the Steelers to get what they would deem to be fair compensation for Antonio and for Antonio to find a new team at this point, and reap all the positives from that. So that’s where it is. I presently do not have permission to talk to teams or work on a trade. That will be something that the Steelers handle directly with teams and when a team calls me that’s when I will do my job.”

Rather than go over what had happened in Pittsburgh to make Brown want to leave when asked, his agent showed the discretion that AB has often lacked, choosing to look ahead instead.

“I’m going to focus on the future. I’m going to focus on the positive meeting that we had today and I think moving forward the message is that Antonio’s excited about this coming season, moving ahead, positive things as it relates to the Steelers organization and the Rooney family. So with all due respect, I’d rather not look back but look forward to what should be an exciting couple of weeks.”

But regardless of the reasons for AB’s fractured relationship with the Steelers, Rosenhaus still expects his client will find a number of team’s eager to give him a new home.

“I would imagine that there will be a lot of teams interested in trading for him. It is very rare to get an all-time great like this in a trade. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for another football team. I’m sure they will jump on it.”

And when it comes to Brown’s future contract demands, his agent says he will follow his clients lead.

“I’m never going to disagree with the client. Antonio was clear about what he’s looking for and my job is to make everything happen that I can that’s in my client’s best interest. Rather than getting into any more specifics than that, I’ll do my job.” .

The full interview can be watched here.

If anyone can get Brown a new contract with guaranteed money after everything that went on in Pittsburgh, Rosenhaus is probably one of the few agents who can do it. Whether the Steelers will send his client to a team willing to do so and with enough salary cap space to be able to afford him is another question altogether.