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Steelers’ 2019 Strength of Schedule, per opponent winning percentage, is pretty easy

If you are solely going by opponent winning percentage, the Steelers’ 2019 slate of games isn’t very daunting.

Kansas City Chiefs v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2018 season was disappointing. Period. There is no way around it when talking about the drama, disappointing play, turnovers, missed kicks and failed attempt at the playoffs that was last season.

One aspect of every new season is taking a look at the overall strength of schedule. There are many ways of skinning this particular cat, and today we will focus on the winning percentage of the Steelers’ 2019 opponents.

But before we get into all of that, let’s recap who they play next season, and where:

In case you didn’t know, the NFL schedule is developed the following way:

16 games made up of:

6 divisional games
1 AFC division (4 games)
1 NFC division (4 games)
Equal AFC ranked opponent in other divisions

In 2019, the Steelers, and the rest of the AFC North, are paired with the NFC West and the AFC East. The only other two opponents will the second place team in the AFC South and AFC West, since the Steelers finished second in the division.

So, the Steelers’ upcoming opponents are as follow...

Check out the 2019 opponents and location:



With the opponents out of the way, how does the Steelers’ strength of schedule rank among all 32 NFL franchises?

Their opponents finished 2018 with a 126-128-2 record, equating to a .496 winning percentage. This percentage has the Steelers’ ranked tied 19th, from toughest to weakest, among the other NFL teams.

If you were wondering who has the toughest schedule, here are the Top 5, per CBS Sports:

1. Oakland Raiders
2. Denver Broncos
3. Jacksonville Jaguars
4. Houston Texans
T-5. Kansas City Chiefs
T-5. Chicago Bears

If you were wondering who has the weakest schedule, here are the Bottom 5:

T-27. Cincinnati Bengals
T-27. New York Giants
T-27. New York Jets
T-27. Los Angeles Rams
T-27. New England Patriots
32. Washington Redskins

How much stock do you put into the Strength of Schedule, when it comes to the previous year’s winning percentage? Does it scare you the Steelers are on the weaker end of things, considering their habit of losing to lesser teams? Or are you someone who believes every year brings a different team to the table?

Let us know what you think in the comment section below!